Philip Gunawardena Memorial Public Library

– Hanwella –

Name of the Library :- Philip Gunawardena Memorial Public Library, Hanwella

Electorate                                         :-         Awissawella

Revenue Area                                  :-         Hanwella

Mother Institution                         :-         Seethawaka Pradeshiya Sabha

Commenced year of the Library:-         1993-11-01

Building                                             :-         Area Square feet           ……………….

Library resources                           :- @ Books for Library Collection 12637

(Medium of Knowledge)                           (Sinhala, English, Tamil)

Current magazines


  • Time
  • Computer
  • Sports
  • Manahara
  • Nawayugaya

Daily newspapers



  • Dinamina
  • Divayina
  • Lankadeepa
  • Lakbima


  • Daly news
  • Daly Mirror
  • Island


  • Thinakaran

Weekend newspapers


  • Silumina
  • Divayina
  • Lankadeepa
  • Lakbima
  • Ravaya
  • Rivira


  • Sunday Observer
  • Sunday Times
  • Sunday Island


  • Sunday Thinakaran

Weekly Women’s Newspapers


  • Navaliya
  • Sirikatha
  • Tharuni

Weekly children’s newspapers

  • Vijaya
  • Mihira

Weekly esthetic newspapers


  • Sarasaviya

Weekly religious newspapers


  • Budusarana

Weekly astrological newspapers


  • Subasetha

There is a collection of books and articles written as regional information articles about the Seethawaka era.  

Organization of Library Resources      : –

All library books are categorized according to the classification of libraries.

Books are circulated under Brown system.

The following newspaper articles are available under the Documentation Services.

  • Collection of Regional Information Articles on Seethawaka Pradeshiya Sabha area
  • Culinary Recipes
  • Collection of Political Information
  • Sri Lanka Administrative Service Open Competitive Examination
  • Reports of Seethawaka Pradeshiya Sabha
  • Sewing crafts
  • Pre-school development
  • Biodiversity information
  • Eco Gardening Information
  • Architectural information
  • Seethawaka Heritage
  • Knowledge Quiz Questions

Main sections and services :-


  • Lending Section
  • Reference Section
  • Children’s Section
  • Reading Section of newspapers and magazines
  • Study Hall
  • Special Collection,Regional Collection
  • Mobile Library service

A monthly library service at the Sri Sambuddha Jayanthi Viharaya for the Jayaveeragoda area is conducted by the Hanwella Public Library under the Mobile Library Services. In addition to the Dhamma School children, the adult readers of the area borrow the books there too.

Introduction programs for the library                                   : –


  • The annual Inter School Quiz Competition
  • The annual Inter-Library Quiz Competition
  • Organizing literary competitions annually for library members for Literary Month
    • Poetry
    • Essays
    • Singing
    • Art
    • Debate
    • Handwriting
    • Short Drama
  • Conducting the above competetions and Issuing gifts, certificates and awards.
  • Book Exhibitions and Sales outlets are organized to commemorate
  • National Reading Month, thereby collecting book donations and developing the book collection.
  • Conducting inter-school Art competitions and issuing certificates for elementary school students.
  • Maintenance of a white notice board that updates the government gazette and newspaper posts such as vacancies.

Number of Readers                :-


Total Readers – 3276

  • Number of Elder readers –   2562
  • Number of Child readers –   714

Obtaining Membership 


  • Permanent Resident / Government Employee / School Students in the Padukka Sub Office area are eligible to be a member.
  • Specimen Application Form
  • Child / Adult applications can be obtained at the Library or downloaded from the Internet.
  • Membership Fees
  • Adults       –    Rp. 51.00
  • Children –     Rp. 30.60
  • Membership can be obtained by paying Rs . 500/- for a child Member, Rs . 1000/- for an adult Member as a deposit In the absence of a guarantor to obtain the membership

General rules and regulations that members must adhere to


Constitution of the library

Type Number ……………                                    Access Number ………..

                           Philip Gunawardena Memorial Public Library


Documents that contain the full set of rules and regulations can be obtained only  for viewing.

—————————————-                                              ——————

Two tickets will be issued to an outside reader.. This gives him the right to borrow two books at a time.

Books must be returned within 14 days from the date of borrowed. If a member fails to return any book to the Librarian within fourteen days he should agreed to pay a fine  of Rs.1/- for a book per day.

Any book that is not requested by another external reader may be extended for another 14 days or less at the discretion of the Librarian. The book should be brought to the library to extend the period. Lending Section of the Library Open daily from 8.30 am to 16.15 p.m. The Library will be closed on public holidays and on any other day or days as determined by the Library Authority..

The books should not be given to anyone by the reader. No person with an infectious disease should carry the books. If you know that someone is infected with disease.

You should not allow him to use any books in the library.

  • Books can be borrowed for 14 days
  • Fines will be charged as follows for each additional day.
  • Children’s section late fee 0.50 Cnts per day
  • Elders section late Rs. 00 per day
  • The above amount will be charged as late fees for a book from 01 to 30
  • from 31 to 90 days, Rs. 40/- per  book
  • from 91 to 180 days, Rs. 80/- per  book
  • more than 180 days, Rs. 100/- per  book
  • Half of these amounts are charged to the child section as late fees

Library Management     : –   


Present staff as of a level three library ​

  • Librarian
  • Library Assistant – 01
  • Library Workers –  02
  • Substitute Workers  –  02

Library time


Open on seven weekdays

From 8.00  a.m – To     4.45  p.m

(excluding government holidays).

Library committee      :-


  • There is a very active Readers’ society for several years. Conducting literary festivals, competitions, lectures and book exhibitions.

Statistical Information    :-


  • Statistical files are maintained in all sections of the library.

Removing books                 :-


  • Removing of books is done on the recommendation of the Annual Board of Goods Survey.