Seethawaka Pradeshiya Sabha Independent Commemorative Pre-School



Reg. No: – WP/01/Ho/12/280

Beginning: – (History)


In celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the independence granted to Sri Lanka in 1948, the government organized ceremonies across the country. This was known as the “50th Independence Golden Jubilee”.

On a directive by the Department of Local Government, every local government institution was assigned a project for this purpose and the Department was allocated Rupees one lakh for same.

A meeting was held for this matter under the chairman of the Seethawaka Pradeshiya Sabha Mr. Mahesh Almeida at that time.

There it was decided to start a pre-school in Padukka according to the Vice President, Mr. D.D.  Karunaratne’s suggestion. The Sithawaka Pradeshiya Sabha Independence Memorial Pre-School was built and opened by spending an amount of rupees four lakhs In addition to the financial assistance provided by the council and became the best project among the local government institution in the Western Province.

Dates and times of school conducting


School starts at 8.00 a.m. and closes at 11.00 a.m.

Pre-school is held on public school days and closed on holidays.

The Role of Teachers


Dedicating to provide a disciplined, intelligent and talented child to the society and adapting the child to a formal education with appropriate activities for the overall development of the child who steps into us from his mother.

Services provided through preschool:


  • Pre-school fee is very concessionary and the education is free for children from families with low income.
  • Conducting awareness programs related to nutrition for parents in collaboration with District Medical Officer’s office, Padukka.
  • Providing a free glass of milk to the children daily with the Padukka Divisional Secretariat.
  • Directing pre school children to the dental clinic at siri Piyarathana primary school.
  • Guiding children and parents for religious observances at Moragahathenna Sri Maha Viharaya.
  • Joining our pre-school children for the World Children’s Day celebration and year end concert with all pre-schools administered by Seethawaka Pradeshiya Sabha

Resources owned by preschool


  • 02 Swings, Slippery boat, Play yard with pyramid
  • The building with water and electricity where can be occupied in education up to 75 children
  • Musical instruments owned by the Western band
  • 03 Steel almira, 01 Steel cupboard, 03 Teacher Chairs, 02 Teacher Tables, 62 child Chairs, 13 child Desks, 02 Water Filters





Preschool Annual Programs


  • New kids welcome ceremony in January
  • Celebrating Independence Day in February
  • Train journey in March (Padukka to Avissawella)
  • New Year Festival in April
  • Observing Sil for Vesak Poya
  • Poson Perahera and Devotional Songs of Preschool Children
  • Picnic with parents and kids in July
  • Participating World Children’s Day ceremony
  • Conducting the Kids fair ‘Singithi Pola’
  • Conducting the year end concert

Preschool Management: –


  • A. Priyanthi Janaki ( Head Teacher )
    • Diploma in Preschool Teaching in National Child Education Foundation and Post Graduate Institute of Sri Jayewardenepura University
  • Nadeeka Ruwani Welisara (Assistant Teacher 1 )
    • Diploma, National Youth Services Council
  • D.T. Madhushika ( Assistant teacher 11)
    • Diploma, National Youth Services Council